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  • After-Sale Service

    With 18 years of producing and developing. We built long and friendly relationship with all the customer on base of high quality machines and good service.

    We will send the technicians to install the machines and train the workers according to our clients' need.

    We would like to cooperate with each client sincerely and create future hand by hand.



    Question:I only have sample, could you help me to arrange the most suitable equipments?
    Answered:As long as you can provide us the detailed specifications of sample, we will help you. Take the zipper bag as a sample, if you informed us of your bag in 200 x 300mm, PE, we will arrange SHZJ-D500 Computer Hot-cutting & Side-sealing Bag Maker and SJ55B Zipper Film Blowing Machine to Equip with. What’s more, If you hope your machine is multifunctional, we shall suggest you FBD Three-edge, Standup and Zipper Bag Maker.
    Question:How about your delivery time?
    Answered:Generally, within 30 days after receipt of 100% payment by T/T or confirmed irrevocable L/C. If you need it immediately, please inform us as advanced, we will accomplish it as soon as possible.
    Question:How about it’s guarantee time and sale after service?
    Answered:Our guarantee time is one year, out of the time, if you need any vulnerable parts, we shall provide you with the lowest cost.
    Question:How about it’s packaging?
    Answered:we adopt wood packing, before packaging, all machines shall be greased with grease and machine oil so as to avoid rusting and moisture.
    Question:How to operate the machine?
    Answered:If convenient, we welcome you come to our factory, we will arrange technician to training you hand in hand and resolve your any technical questions, even electrical circuit. Also, you shall refer to the <operation manual>, if you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or E-mail, we will help you to resolve it as soon as possible.
    Question:I am willing to buy one machine, but in special specification, could you help me?
    Answered:Yes! If you have any special specification of same style machine, we will design it independently for you.     

    After-Sale Service Tel: 0086-712-526 5432

    After-Sale Service Fax: 0086-712-526 5432

    After-Sale Service E-mail: 641991470@qq.com   

    Technical department E-mail: 641991470@qq.com


    China Gold Suppliers: http://www.everestecohemp.com/sdp/339583/4/pl-1508968.html




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